A Javascript parser for musical data in the Humdrum syntax

The RefRecordEntry object is an interface for managing a single token. This can be a data token, an interpretation, a path manipulator, or even a global comment or reference record.


clear — Intialize variables for object.
clearParsedData — Remove any parsed data, but keep the text of the reference record.
setLineIndex — Store the line index in the orignal file that the reference record appears on.
setLineText — Store the original text line for the reference record and parse it.


lineIndex — Line index: offset from 0 for first line in file.
text — The raw text of the reference record line.
owner — The HumdrumLine where the reference record entry came from.
key — The complete reference record key.
keyBase — The reference key without langauge, count or exinterp qualifiers.
keyAt — The language qualification, including the @ signs.
langCode — The langauge qualification, without the @ prefix.
keyExinterp — The exclusive interpretation, including two * marks.
keyVariant — The variant qualification (to be designed).
keyCount — A Number following a keyBase, before keyAt or keyQual.

Extended Functions

getKeyDescription — Get meaning of reference record key.
getStatus — Check if standard, semi-standard, or non-standard reference record.
getLanguage — Get language from language code. Return null if no-language.

Extended Variables

description — Description of the reference record key.
status — Status of the key ("standard", "semi-standard", "non-standard").
language — Full name of language represented by language code.
languages — Hash of language codes.
meanings — Hash of reference key meanings.